Ghost Writer has been my alter ego since the tragedy of early 2017. Life… changed. But in the almost three years since its inception…. no year has been more important to Ghost Writer Presents than 2019. Nostalgia has been a theme this year…. and incidentally is very much at the root of my new work offline.

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Keep the Greasy Side Down – Year in Review

January :


Danny Zelisko Presents brings local music to Mesa Amphitheater with the Humdinger



The three month experiment of The Humdinger comes to an end, and although it was not well attended, it provided loads of Stories to Tell.


A bit of a slow month, and also the month that my Writer’s Group goes on retreat to Mexico. But, as Circus Mexicus entered its 20th year, interest was once again peaked in my retrospective review of all things Roger Clyne.


The Black Moods Rockin New Years Eve

True story. Kevin Michael Prier and Josh Kennedy walk into a local bar, and a guy recognizes them as Chalmer’s Green and says, “Man, you guys were great, I miss you!” And Josh says, “Um, well, we are both in bands and playing music…” and the dude had no idea. Perhaps… he should have read my Conversation with Kevin Michael Prier.



Tempe Son, David Rhodes and his band Big Finish release their debut CD to high acclaim.


A certain local writer writes his 4th book, this one inspired 100% by local music. What Exactly is Ghost Songs? and then releases that book at a widely well received live music concert at Last Exit Live.


October: Ghost Writer Radio begins a new project inspired by MTV’s 120 Minutes. The Phoenix version, 120 Hot Minutes, is a periodic Youtube Playlist, made to stream, that showcases local Arizona Music Videos.

November: This month, I went country with a three part series on local country music new releases. The second of the series, reviewing Jim Bachmann & the Day Drinkers Arizona Burrito was quite popular.

Also in November, I went down to Bisbee Book’s & Music for an Artist Spotlight and signed some books.

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December: Local giants Pistoleros and Ghetto Cowgirl united in support of Ryan King’s new bands, Sliced Limes Debut CD.

Keep The Greasy Side Down – 2019 TOP 10

So…. who reads this stuff? This guy writes articles, he develops his fans and followers, bands and interviewees share articles, and that reaches out to their fans….. That is exactly how this online magazine is supposed to work! This is how I try to propel the Arizona Arts Community…. forward, out there into the ether…. onto the inter webs….

Where do these articles go, TOP 10.
  1. The United States
  2. Germany
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. Netherlands
  6. Ireland
  7. Australia
  8. India
  9. France
  10. China

So…. I release about 2 -3 articles a month. They can be interviews, travel loges, concert reviews, album reviews, or just pontifications from a rambling mind. But the latter is rare…. or continually infused. Take your pick. The following list is by READS….. some of these were not written this year, they just still get SHARED, and VIEWED, and READ. #Hmmmmm So, this year, here are my TOP TEN VIEWED ARTICLES. Notice the staying power in 5, 6 and 7.

  1. The Return of Bear Ghost
  2. The Humdinger is a Win for Local Music in Mesa, Arizona
  3. Welcome to the Underground, Arizona! (The Conversation with Kevin Michael Prier of The Real Fakes.)
  4. The Rise of the Arizona New School: Part 2 {Featuring Big Finish)
  5. The Illusion of a Meaningless Exchange (The Brent Babb of Dead Hot Workshop Interview)
    • Interesting Note. This article was released in the Winter of 2018. Both Dead Hot Workshop and Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (along with Pistoleros) were inducted into the Arizona Arts & Entertainment Hall of Fame this year, and interest in them has done nothing but increase.
  6. A Quarter Century a Peacemaker (The Retrospective Review of all things Roger Clyne.
    • Interesting Note. This article was written in 2017. It was my very first album review. It is still my all time #1 article.
  7. There & Back Again: In the Studio with The Black Moods
    • Interesting Note. This article was written in the Fall of 2018. It is still at all time TOP 3 article.
  8. I’ll Take My Limes, Sliced (The Review of Sliced Limes debut EP)
    • Interesting Note. This article has been out for less than 2 weeks.
  9. Down the Rabbit Hole with The Bellwethers
  10. Discovering Humdinger 2 with Sneaky Big

Ghost Writer Radio – Church of Rock Top 20

The idea of #ChurchofRock is to give you an easy to share, five song playlist that you can listen to on the way to work or school. It is a super easy way to not only promote yourself, but pay it forward to four other local acts at the same time. Then…. at the end of the year…. I draw from that and give you this coolness.

Ghost Writer Radio: Best of Church of Rock 2019

Follow my Spotify folks….. Ghost Writer Radio is cool.

Featuring: Ali A & the Agency, Barefoot, The Bayou Bandits, The Bellwethers, Birds and Arrows, Big Finish, The Black Moods, decker., Fairy Bones, Japhy’s Descent, Joe Pena, Moons, Birds & Monsters, New Chums, Paper Foxes, The Real Fakes, The Runner Up, Sara Robinson Band, Sliced Limes, Strange Young Things, and We Are Hologram.

Ghost Writer December Concert Calendar

So….. do I have your attention???? Here are your DO NOT MISS SHOWS THRU NEW YEAR’S EVE…. Arizona Indie, Baby….. #RockLocal

  • Friday December 13
    • James and Paige’s BIRTHDAY BASH at The Yucca Taproom
    • Nerdvana (Tribute to Nirvana) at Chopper Johns
  • Saturday December 14
    • Baby It’s Bear Ghost Outside at Last Exit Live
      • Bear Ghost, Celebration Guns, Audrey Heartburn and Damn the Weather
    • Decker the Halls at Valley Bar
      • decker., The Stakes, Ali A & the Agency and Hi-Dreams DJ Collective
        • ** This show will be fantastic, music fans. The Stakes blew my mind at Apache Lake Music Festival, and the new album coming in 2020 from Ali A & the Agency is one of my most highly anticipated of the year. Do Not Miss This SHOW. You all know decker. brings it…. but damn. DO NOT.
  • Sunday December 15
  • Tuesday December 17
  • Wednesday December 18
    • Beedlenut’s Nut’s Nutcracker Extravaganza at The Rebel Lounge
      • The Bittersweet Way, Gnarwhal Jrz, 2000 Foot Turtle and Lawnchair
  • Thursday December 19
  • Friday December 20
    • Super Single Release Party
      • Doug Preston & the Soul Searchers, Shawn Johnson & Foundation, The Real Fakes, and Parlor Birds
  • Friday December 20
  • Saturday December 21
    • Ugly Sweater Party with Something Like Seduction, Scattered Melodies, Clint Stevens and Haley Green
    • Toys for Tots Christmas Party by Sunset Voodoo at Macayos Depot Cantina
  • Friday December 27
  • Tuesday December 31

I would be really honored if you checked out my books. My articles are cool…. but folks…. I am a creative soul too.

Ghost Writer Press.


What to Expect in 2020

The third book in my Arizona Netherworld Series will take a while. My project this year is to begin to take a scholarly look at Non-Fiction. Growing as a business is a priority this year, and part of that is looking into the complexities of selling individual essays for publication, but retaining the rights to a collection. But getting my work out there, across a wider platform, is essential for Ghost Writer Press to attain the next level. That will start with working with my University of Arizona Writer’s Group about honing my memoir skills.

Several bands have really gotten my attention this year, and as you have seen by following Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine, I usually hone in on several artists to interview and get to know as I work on the articles of the current year. In addition, I very much keep my ear to the ground of who has new material in the works. So, in 2020 expect to get to know Birds + Arrows, The Psychedelephants, The Stakes, Black Caesar, Joe Pena / Greyhound Soul, Breakup Society, Doug Preston & the Soul Searchers and Ali A & the Agency – for starters. I am also looking forward to doing a Phoenix Hip Hop Scene Expose with Mr. UU of Paper Foxes.

Ghost Writer Radio will continue to expand along its three main branches. New music is added to the main Playlist on Spotify as fast as I can keep up. From this pool, I create a weekly Church of Rock five track playlist, which shares on Sundays. At the end of the year, from these weekly lists – I create the Best of the Year Top 20.

In addition to Church of Rock, I am really having fun with 120 Hot Minutes – which is an all Arizona Indie Video series inspired by the old school 120 Minutes on MTV. I have released the first edition, I will dropping #120HotMinutes 2 on New Year’s.

As a side project, I am also looking at rebuilding The Attempt and recording the soundtrack to ManInfest Destiny, as it was originally intended. This is a very lofty goal, but one that I will be pursuing this year as a Ghost Writer Presents: Production Project.

You really outta FOLLOW THIS BLOG.


Keep the Greasy Side Down, my Friends.

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