We Dropped The Garlic

Welcome to the affiliate Podcast of Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine!


Animal Inside

Need to unplug from the daily grind of being a consumer of crap you’ll probably never see once you dump it into your closet? Then give this episode a listen.



Every great magazine offers a specific mission, a specific agenda if you will, but within that realm there are always a myriad of different themes and voices to choose from.  Keep the Greasy Side Down is more successful, faster, than I could ever have dreamed, and I have been actively seeking other like minded, clever individuals who are willing to partner in making something that is truly unique and special.

My friend, Jason Harvey, is one of those people.


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With a sharp wit, a friendly and soft disposition, and a tenacity to get after the truth of issues, Jason started his Podcast We Dropped the Garlic as a way to bring awareness to current events.  Originally from Texas, educated at Blue Ridge High School (by… yours truly, among others…), Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University, Jason works closely with the White Mountain Apache Nation in Whiteriver, Arizona.

New episodes air weekly… usually on weekends!





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