Unpopular Opinion

I get approached all of the time, “Clark, what more can we do?” In the modern music industry, this is a common thought. Voiced in whispered frustration and sometimes screamed in ALL CAPS on social media. Everything about our world has changed my friends. Everything. We all have these ideas that we are just going to get off social media because it is insane. Good luck. It is the way of the world. Watch Black Mirror, Twilight Zone, or jeez, pick one, they are everywhere. Our world is not going backwards, at least not in that way. We must pivot!

Solo Lounsbury of THE WOODWORKS

The thing is that most of the artists that I know have pivoted, or are in the active process of doing so. Live music attendence and QUALITY was going up all over the Valley at the start of 2020. Most of us had very different plans for the year. Covid changed that – for everyone. If you have followed your favorite artists through out this year, you have seen their efforts: live streaming shows, Facebook or Instagram live, new social media platforms, new efforts to try to reach their fans. AND we – the fans – are spending more time online than we ever had.

Patro and CJ of PAPER FOXES

So, Clark – what more can we do?

Well. In many cases, a lot. But that is not the point of this article. The point of this article is to address the fans of the scores of bands that I know WHO ARE DOING IT RIGHT. So, answer? NOTHING.

Brent Babb of DEAD HOT WORKSHOP (and my plus ONE)

There is next to nothing more in a lot of cases that some of these bands can do besides just continuing to bring it. Bring it like they have no care in the world, will never age, have no family plans, and have eternity to wait for some velour suit to notice. Guess what? They won’t. The world is too loud. It is not on those bands folks, just like it is not on the millions of other creative, original artists who can’t get off the ground despite the great American Dream. It is on YOU.

Ghost Writer displaying GHOST SONGS RELEASE POSTER designed by HAMSTER LABS


Todd Middleman of BREAK THE ROBOT at the 80/20 RECORDS GUILTY PLEASURES Show

We want our music for free. We want it now. We want it yesterday. We want to be on the list at your shows. “Hey man give me a sticker. What do you mean shirts are $30 bucks?” Folks. GIVE ME A BREAK. These artists get less than 25% of a penny per play on your free devices, and most drive about 30 minutes to and from a gig. Folks, you won’t even leave your damn masks on!

How many spins on Spotify fill up their gas tanks? How many Starbucks did you buy the week that you want a free pass on Friday night?


Arizona. It is time. What will it take to get Arizona to be noticed as more than the cute little cousin to LA that tries really hard? It will take viral fans. It will take pride. It will take people like yours truly, giving some of their time sitting at home binging the newest show to propelling the people they claim they love so much. These bands do not have agents. They do not have publicists. They do not have public relations people. They have their own hard work, dedication, dreams, and a bunch of fans with their hands out.

Jarrod Compton and Zachary O’Meara of MOONS, BIRDS & MONSTERS

If you want quality. If you want the best. If you want to RISE. You have to support each other. You have to be each others Top Fans. You have to stop cat fighting and UNITE. Your fans need to realize they are your SHAREHOLDERS, AGENTS, PR TEAMS, and skaters with Ocean Spray Possibilities. You are GRASSROOTS POWER.

Stevie – Arizona QUEEN

That is the POWER of a FAN. Guys on skateboards with Ocean Spray. So, Clark, what more can we do.

You need to infect your fans…. LIKE A VIRUS.

I am infected. Forever.

Keep the Greasy Side Down Amigos