The Hookworm Slide

For five years, Ryan B. Clark has written the local Arizona Music Blog – Keep The Greasy Side Down. It has evolved and grown, and now has a very nice calendar of established weekly content. As Hookworm Records has erupted from the desert, you may have noticed more and more synergy between the different parts of the Ghost Writer World.

For the next couple of months, this BLOG will mirror the Keep The Greasy Side Down. More and more, that online magazine is becoming the Hookworm Records Blog/ Newsletter : THE HOST. So for this first post – welcome to your weekend and The Church of Rock. Ghost Writer content has always been divided across a #SaturdayService and the #ChurchofRock on the weekends. This is the 52nd consecutive week of #SaturdayService : a year. A year of a weekly video playlist centering around Arizona Official Music Videos that tries to remind MTV what it was there for.