Precision & Dreams : Wurmfur

Precise, dream fueled fun. It is solid, it is in your face, it is a sledgehammer of awesomeness. It is WURMFUR.

Saturday Service Volume ONE

Saturday Service Weeks 1-10 FEATURING : The Woodworks, Scattered Melodies, The Saturn III, The Psychedelephants, The Deadbeat Cousins, Comptalo, Chrome Rhino, Ghetto Cowgirl, Eddie & the Getaway and Wyves

Oh Captain, My Captain: Letters to Laertes 7

If I can, I would teach you how to think – Alice Larson

Like a Phoenix: 120 Hot Minutes

Remember 120 Minutes on MTV… Ghost Writer is bringing back, via Arizona.

Greetings All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime: A Review

The Ghost Writer Review of the Triumphant new album from .decker

Playing Against Expectations

The Ghostwriter Review of Daydream: the debut album from Moons, Birds & Monsters.

What Exactly is Ghost Songs?

On Sep 27th a book of fiction is going to be released at a Rock n Roll Concert. Mark your calendars.

The Rise of the AZ New School: Part II – featuring Big Finish

Ghostwriter sits down to review the debut album from Big Finish, and goes right back down memory lane with front man David Rhodes.

A Teen’s Exploration of The Concrete Jungle

Ghostwriter sits down with his 14 year old, high schooler to venture into The Concrete Jungle.

Decades: a Time Capsule Interview with Banana Gun, Decker, and Wyves.

Three leaders in the Arizona music community sit with Ghost Writer and discuss the milestone of ten years of Banana Gun and decker.