Second Guessing Inspirtation – Church of Rock

Church of Rock is the weekly playlist of Arizona Indie coolness put together Ghost Writer style. This is your one stop shop to follow the Best of Arizona Indie!

Popping Bubble Gum with Lillith

Yes we try to keep that alive. I worry the shuffling of resources or lack of them before and now even more challenging after 2020 ate some holes in places to play and the flow. But hopefully more outdoor opportunities to play arrive because we have so much space and great weather! Yes it’s always been an eccentric energy of making something out of nothing out of leftover crumbs and dust in Tucson. That pride of finding the brilliant and cozy in ugly or sun bleached is held sacred.

I Hope You Know

Church of Rock is a weekly 6 song playlist that tries to share all of the New Releases and HOT MUSIC from Arizona’s Indie Community. The name of the mixtape always comes from track 6, FYI – the guest artist (non AZ, usually).

I Hope You Know

I Hope You Know. Week 51. #SaturdayService | It’s rough…. but somebody has to take MTV to school.

Don’t Sleep Till We Fade

Every Weekend, I bring you to THE CHURCH OF ROCK. Welcome to #SaturdayService Week 49! Saturday’s Service is all about Music Videos. I keep my ear to the ground, and try to stay on top of ALL THE HOT NEW RELEASES from the Arizona Music Community ! It’s rough…. but somebody has to take MTV to school.