Saturday Service: Special Edition

Saturday Service: Special Edition. STREAM the new documentary REZ METAL for free from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian until Nov 18th!

Are They Still Transplants?

Birds + Arrows left North Carolina on a voyage of artistic discovery. They landed in the Sonoran Desert, and they blossomed into a force.

The Hookworm Slide

For five years, Ryan B. Clark has written the local Arizona Music Blog – Keep The Greasy Side Down. It has evolved and grown, and now has a very nice calendar of established weekly content. As Hookworm Records has erupted from the desert, you may have noticed more and more synergy between the different parts of the Ghost Writer World.

Popping Bubble Gum with Lillith

Yes we try to keep that alive. I worry the shuffling of resources or lack of them before and now even more challenging after 2020 ate some holes in places to play and the flow. But hopefully more outdoor opportunities to play arrive because we have so much space and great weather! Yes it’s always been an eccentric energy of making something out of nothing out of leftover crumbs and dust in Tucson. That pride of finding the brilliant and cozy in ugly or sun bleached is held sacred.

Letters to Laertes – Continued

You will not want to miss the continuation to the second half of Letters to Laertes. When last we left, The Elephant in the Room had been discovered and my teaching career was in shambles. You will not want to miss where this thing goes!

Time, Success & the Honeysuckle Madness of a Covid Summer

Honeysuckle Summer, the new album by Charles Ellsworth, bookends the Covid pandemic from conception to release. Listening to it, forces a special reconciliation with time and a year lost.

Echoes of the Ancients: Hopi Roadtrip

This year, I will release the finale of my Arizona Netherworld series, Echoes of the Ancients. Take a ride with me.

By the Time I Get to Arizona: Letters to Laertes 3

Before we can discuss how faith failed; we must check your privilege.


2019 in Review…. Ghost Writer Style

What Exactly is Ghost Songs?

On Sep 27th a book of fiction is going to be released at a Rock n Roll Concert. Mark your calendars.