Are They Still Transplants?

Birds + Arrows left North Carolina on a voyage of artistic discovery. They landed in the Sonoran Desert, and they blossomed into a force.

Hazy Yellow Medicine Dreams

I found myself feeling similarly writing my review of Daughter of Country by Megan & Shane. I found myself writing about the lyrics, the poetry, not the production, not the music, not the magic of Bob Hoag. Why? Is that because it is country music, deceivingly simply, seemingly so conventional? Or is because the poetry of the Americana artist is the authentic voice that connects us to what it is to be human. We are all hazy angels, wishing to not waste our gifts, or time, our lives. It is the poetry that is necessary. It is the words that connect, unite, and tie… rather than rip and divide usunder. This hazy angel can sing the soundtrack to my quite contemplative whisky days…. any time.

A Poet of Class & Monument

If you ask Dick, his most special endeavor was the establishment of a Writer’s Workshop in the Arizona State Prison system. His latest book of non-fiction, Crossing the Yard: Thirty Years as a Prison Volunteer, will change everything you think you know about the creative men who may also be doing hard time. I am proud to call him my friend, proud of his notable contributions to Arizona, and phenomentally honored to be able to spend personal time learning from him.

New Arizona Country: Jim Bachmann & the Day Drinkers – The Everymen

Jim Bachmann & The Day Drinkers are back with Arizona Burrito. Here is the track by track Ghost Writer Review.

A Little BLISS Goes A Long Way

The Ghostwriter Review of BLISS, the 3rd Studio album from Carol Pacey & the Honeyshakers

The Illusion of a Meaningless Exchange

A Conversation with Brent Babb of Dead Hot Workshop where the history of the Tempe Music Scene, the power of poetry, politics and celebrity, making music in the modern climate, and the eternal search for the perfect joke are discussed.

Poetry, is Necessary

Ghost Writer lays out a new journey…. with new events and new exciting ways to engage in Arizona.

Mindscapes, Dreamscapes & Tapestrees

With the release of Hyperborea on November 9th, Ryan B. Clark discusses the nuances of progressive instrumental rock with Tapestrees front-man, Joe Peifer.

With Slow Burn, Ivan Denis Puts Tucson Firmly on the Americana Map

Slow Burn, the new album from Ivan Denis, shows the range and poetry of Americana Music.

Confronting Nietzsche, Embracing Hamlet, & The Great Cosmic Joke

Perhaps, with enough common history, trust, and raw guts, people can truly communicate with candor about the power of music.