The Bone Hoard

The Bone Hoard is THE STORE for all things Keep the Greasy Side Down, Ghost Writer Press, and We Dropped the Garlic.  In the future, look for shirts for both ladies and gents, headgear, patches, stickers, and of course…. GOOD READS.



Many have asked first, where they can get the upcoming book, and second, what is the best way for them to buy it.  Right now, the book looks to be available at several retailers throughout Arizona, but those locations are still in “the process”.  The book will also be available at (in fact it already is, in the upcoming section).

Spirits of Jerome will also be available right here in THE BONE HOARD.

“**Note – if you buy the book from this site, it is like buying it from me directly, and your book will come signed, personally, by yours truly and may include a free little piece of razzle/ dazzle…. think Cracker Jacks.**”

Any bookstore can order Spirits of Jerome, just ask your local retailer to carry a great Arizona Spook Fest!  In fact, if you want to be awesome little world wide unknown minions, send my media/ press kit at your local favorite bookstores…. tell em I’m one of the good guys!

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