Ryan B. Clark: Ghost Writer


Part I: Author Bio

Ryan Boyd Clark lives, rides, and writes in his native Arizona. Ryan spent much of his young professional life as a teacher and debate coach, but he now works at Costco and writes full time. Ryan has degrees in English Secondary Education, Creative Writing , and Human Dynamics/ Organizational Intelligence. A writer with several published works in the rear view, Ryan now expresses his work independently through Ghost Writer Press and Online Magazine: Keep The Greasy Side Down . An avid motorcyclist for over twenty years, Ryan explores his beautiful home state, looking for tales that take his readers deep into its mystique.

Published Works

Scotland Yard Demons – Short Story / Sinister Landscapes Anthology
Grave Whispers – Novel
Spirits of Jerome – Arizona Tales of the Netherworld Book I
Kindred Spirits & Mirrored Souls – Poetry
ManInfest Destiny – Rock Opera/ Novella
Ghost Songs – Arizona Tales of the Netherworld Book II

Ryan Clark (13)

Part II: FAQs

Biker, teacher, Costco clerk, explorer, … writer? You seem to be a Jack-of-all-Trades, tell us a bit about what brought about Ghost Writer Press.

“I taught for seven wonderful years as a high school and college English teacher, but life happens, and sometimes it comes at you pretty hard. 2007 hit a lot of people, in a lot of different ways: many lives changed. I ended up leaving teaching, pursuing writing, and working at Costco because it is a fantastic company with fantastic benefits for my family. The stability Costco provides has allowed me a lot of freedom to finally get back to pursuing my passion of writing.”

What in your experience has helped you the most as a writer?

“Failure. Pain. Loss. But also just the vast wealth of experiences. I have raised and raced sled dogs. I ride motorcycles. I have taught teenagers, and maintained friendships with them into adulthood. I coached debate, and I love a solidly constructed argument. All of these experiences have molded the way that I write. I have a tendency to project a lot of myself into my characters.”

Obviously you love Arizona, how do you decide what to write about?

“Horror is my first love, but more specifically ghost stories, legends, hauntings, myths. I have never been into the blood, guts, and gore of horror… I am much more interested in the psychological effects.  Jerome was always fascinated me, and perhaps, even from a young age, this is where some of that fascination came from. So after a lot of starts and stops and missteps and by-ways, as I started to focus in on exactly what I wanted to do with Ghost Writer Press, Jerome seemed like the obvious place to start.”

What is the relationship between Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine and your books?

“The website was originally just supposed to be my author page, but it evolved very quickly into a way for me to give back story into the stories I was writing. So, all of my travel feature articles now, directly relate to my research trips that I am doing while working on my next book.”

“Horror can be literary” – can you elaborate?

“Horror is an incredibly hard genre to promote. It has avid fans, but it is certainly not a good cross genre type of category. If you like horror, you will buy a lot of it. If you do not like horror, you usually don’t even look at it. I think horror is far too limiting. It has a whole lot more implications: blood, violence, murder, fear, etc than really what I like to do at all… but my book is scary. I like to think of the fiction I write now being more Alfred Hitchcock, more subtle, more psychological…. less about throwing gore at you, and more about making you think thoughts that are perhaps spooky… because they are so real. Horror in that vein, can really do amazing things in terms of exploring the human experience. That is what I try to achieve in my writing.”

What is your goal with Ghost Writer Press?

I have always been inspired by Roger Clyne and his fierce independence.  I want to do for Arizona Literature what Roger has done for Arizona music.

Never underestimate the magical properties of a seemingly ordinary place.

Never underestimate the magical properties of local music.

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