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Spirits of Jerome

Jerome, Arizona: a place enshrouded with its past, alive with its legends, at peace with its ghosts, reverent of its place in history and hopeful about its dreams of the future all at the same time.

And you, reader, who has found a spark of the imagination that brought you to Cleopatra hill, hold a book of stories, linked to the supernatural elements of ‘the largest ghost town in America’. A book as fascinated by place as it is by theme. The stories use the ghostly setting to explore the casualties of art and the search for inspiration; the angst of coming to terms with ones past and dealing with ones ghosts; the illusive nature of happiness and the puzzle of its attainability; the eternal transformations of love; and the immorality and mystical nature of music.


“Why do we concern ourselves over which side of the membrane of soil our feet poke?” asks Annie Dillard in For the Time Being.”

With Dillard’s same flare for the lyrical, Ryan B. Clark probes this question in Spirits of Jerome, giving readers astonishing insights into the other side, the dark places that come after the grave. This is where the dead philosophize while searching for what it might mean to breathe again. “Nothing lasting was ever created in safety,” Clark says, purposely blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Reading story after stunning story, you’ll start to believe it’s all true.

Jerome is “like the paradoxical yin to Sedona’s yang,” Clark writes in a chapter titled “The Muse.” “One had its vortex and neo-classical spirituality. The other had its ghosts.” Indeed. Jerome is the original “Ghost City” with places like the Haunted Hamburger and the Asylum Restaurant and the Spirit Room, where the veil between the living and dead wears thin. “All lost and wandering souls find their way there eventually, but the awakened souls of the living create the basis for why they stay.”

All roads lead to Jerome. On your next visit, bring along a copy of Spirits of Jerome as your only companion. It will enhance the experience. Or you will be chilled to the bloody marrow.

Ken Lamberton

author of Chasing Arizona


Spirits of Jerome can be purchased online either from Ghost Writer Press directly, and will come signed by the author at the store: aka The Bone Hoard.  The book can also be purchased from Amazon.  It is highly recommended that you look into the writings of Ken Lamberton, and his book, Chasing Arizona, can be purchased by CLICKING HERE.



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