Precision & Dreams : Wurmfur

It began as a dream. The name. The logo. All of it. Wurmfur. This week, for #ThursdayReview, it felt fitting to give some time to Wurmfur : I, the three song debut EP from a powerhouse of a Phoenix, Arizona three-piece.

Blowing the doors off of The Wayback Sessions

They opened for Electric Six out of Detroit at Pub Rock earlier this week, and they are going to blow the Yucca Taproom down with Wyves tomorrow night! If you love rock n roll, played by real musicians, who practice their craft, and polish it into a spectacle, you owe it to yourself to see this band!

Wurmfur: I. Three songs you need to hear.

I am the Sun

The first thing you notice about this band is the forward drum kit. And Danny Duo Shades. Because he is a character! And that really is part of their charm. You have this man who may be small in stature, but hold on to your butts – he is going to shake, rattle, and roll you into submission, and he is going to do it front and center with bass and guitar slamming you from the wings. It is an awesome set up, one that you are not used to seeing, and it creates a show dynamic that is just HIGH ENERGY from the start. What a great song! Just a solid hit, right off the top.

The Waiting

This song showcases two things about Wurmfur that are really stand out. First, all three of the gents sing, and they have a very different feel to their voices. This allows for them to bring you songs that feel more blues inspired, songs that feel like the seering guitar hayday of yesteryear, and songs that are straight up punk all in one set, and often all in one song! Wurmfur blends time changes, paces changes, and transitions so well, that you are in for a roller coaster of a locomotive ride, from the top to the bottom of the set. Every show. SEE THIS BAND LIVE!


Away I Go

Not… Away I Go.

I got a great video of Wurmfur‘s set opening for Electric Six. It looks great. It is very hard to hear. Unfortunately, depending on the venue, and the space to the stage, sometimes those forward drums kill the sound. Not live. No way, but the video picks up that kick like crazy. So, as a guy that does bootlegs, I like to get the set out there, but you know, sometimes bootlegs…. sound like it. SO…. this lightning fast tight set from Yucca showcases what this band does very nicely…. with better sound. Great song…. look it up, and give it a spin!

So, three songs, three.5 skulls. But man….. it is a hard won 3.5 skulls! What is more, is that is a solid skull +, per song, for a 3 song EP. This band…. needs to stay on your radar. They are LIT!

Get to Yucca Taproom tomorrow night. Wyves go on at 11. Wurmfur will warm you up! And spin this EP…. it is fun, it is solid, it is a sledgehammer of awesome to your face. It is WURMFUR.