Music United Against Teen Bullying & Suicide: 3 Nights, 3 Vibes, 1 Cause

I love Shakespeare. His work was my minor in college, and teaching him was one of the greatest joys of my life. Many, many a truism lie in the words of the Bard, folks. One such truism, and one of my all time favorite Shakespearean quotes, comes from the final act of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends.
The lunatic, the lover and the poet
Are of imagination all compact

Seriously, look at just this one image, and read the above quote again.


Poets, Madmen, and Lovers…. my friends. This lunacy IS what makes us artists.

Seeing the world through that prism, that lens; always feeling misunderstood, invisible, or continually judged. That is where the words come from. That is where the music starts. That view of the world that, quite frankly, if were common, would cease to be special. But having that perspective, often comes with costs.

Many an artist, was once a bullied, tortured youth, just trying to make it out of high school, and daring to hope that adult life would be different. Many of us grew up with the ending of Pump up the Volume, and the voice of Happy Harry Hardon saying:

Getting Through it …. Is the Point.

Music United hosts music events to raise awareness of the very real challenges children, youth, and young adults face in today’s society including, but not limited to, bullying, mental health, and suicide.

Funds raised at our events are used for 1) To fund other Music United events and festivals. 2) Fund music events in needy areas such and smaller communities and Native American reservations. 3) A portion of the funds raised are to be given as grants to organizations that promote and build self-esteem in children and teens.

Music Saves Lives.

Music indeed is the language of emotion. How many times have you had this awful feeling that you couldn’t put into words, but if you could just get someone to really listen to a song…. they might understand? This is not a rare phenomena, and it is why music is so transcendent.

For three powerful nights in February, Music United will be bringing live music to three different venues throughout Phoenix. Each night has its own vibe, its own feel, and its own venue….. but the same necessary message. Music Saves Lives.

Each night is $10 bucks in advance/ $15 at the door.  They feature some absolutely killer bands, some great promotional grabables, and possibly even a signing by yours truly.  But really….. the cause should be enough.




“1/2 the members of our band have children and this is a very relevant and current issue for us. I personally am the parent of 11 & 16 year-old sons. Bullying is something my children have been affected by. We also have a friend who’s 12-year-old son hung himself after being bullied on Facebook. It’s a topic we feel needs attention drawn to it and performing the Music United Benefit is one small way we can support the cause.” – Kim Dangerous of The Bellwethers



“Mental health is a personal issue for me. I was bullied throughout my life and honestly, who wasn’t at some point? Made to feel different and therefore “not enough”? I think it’s a human experience, to base your worth on what others think of you. It’s learned. That sucks. You manage to shake off a lot of past trauma as you grow up, but so much sticks with you. I think, I hope, each generation is growing kinder than the last. That’s all we can really hope for. Increased empathy and understanding. It’s important because worthiness is a shared human experience regardless of your situation. I think donating our time to kids who just wanna know things change and get better is a worthy cause.” Chelsey Louise of Fairy Bones 


“Reliance has a huge passion for helping people in need, and we love playing shows that benefit positive awareness and we fully support good causes.  David {Cottle} has been amazing in his passion to shed light and promote support to help people struggling with bullying and suicide.  These are issues that definitely need more attention and love.  We love doing anything that Music United throws, it’s always a fun time and always for a great cause.”  Albert Padilla of Reliance



“To wake others up to the reality that life always heals and gets better.”  Jam Now


14563399_289247791474001_7210753195414706261_n“Yes, we care. Depression and suicide has touched our lives in the past and continues to do so today. We feel fortunate to be a part of a community (the music community, the Phoenix community, the Vegan community, the LGBTQ community) and feel that we all are walking, side-by-side through this life. We do what we can, when we can. We do this in memory of our friends, our family and fellow-musicians who we miss dearly after they died from suicide and also we do this in honor of the many who struggle each day with suicidal thoughts and depression.” – The Listening Room – Phoenix

As a writer, both of this Online Magazine, and my own fiction and poetry efforts with Ghost Writer Press, I too have had a life time of connection to this topic. My best friend, took her own life ten years ago, and my newest book Kindred Spirits & Mirrored Souls is the poetic voice of that friendship. I lost my step father to suicide. I lost at least five previous students, from seven years of teaching high school, to suicide. I have lost coworkers to suicide. I guess one could say…. that the damn topic has come up, and it still comes up.


It haunts, and it carves, and it grinds, and it twists. Some days it hurts more than others….. some days it hurts less.

So I write. I try to channel it. I try to leave something behind.

And I get involved with other Kindred Spirits, like Music United, doing amazingly wonderful things.


Because Poets…. and Lovers….. and Artists….. are all Madmen….. but the art we create is timeless, and it is beautiful. And it lets people… from anywhere…. from everywhere…. know, that they are not alone.

Join us for three special nights this February!


Keep The Greasy Side Down, my Friends.

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