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Publisher/ Entrepreneur Ghost Writer Press

Many might make little distinction between Self Publishing and/ or Vanity Publication. I would like to advance the argument that all endeavors, start somewhere. Considering the speed and quality possible through POD publication these days, even the big boys are using it. The days of warehouses full of back-stock of books, are more or less over.

All GWP products are available through standard INGRAM DISTRIBUTION channels.

Please note: that as of right now, Ingram has my titles marked as Non-Returnable. That is a long story, but let’s just say, as a small, start-up, local Arizona business, returns are a luxury I cannot yet afford, especially in a world of an ever changing book market. HOWEVER, that said, if you place your orders directly with me, on a small, Shop Local, Local First, kind of basis, I can more than accommodate your needs.

A lot of the reasons that I have chosen the release order of my books are based in responsibility and accountability. I have dreams of branching out to other local writers, people with distinct and unique voices, but doing so requires a certain degree of accountability for my artists. Starting out, on literally a shoe string cash budget and a dream, I only wanted to be beholden to myself. Therefore, all the risk was absorbed by me, as I learned, developed, and honed my craft.

As you can see from the catalog, with each publication, the commitment increases. This is by design.

As I said, I consider myself a Small Press in the making…. not a Vanity Press.

When I have approached large businesses about carrying my titles in the past, they have responded with phrases like, “neat concept, but we think your market may be too niche.” I would argue, that is exactly what makes GWP, as an independent, locally owned, handshake kind of company, owned by a local, native Arizonan, marketable.

All the big boys want are instantly marketable, genre pieces that will spark immediate connections to something that already exists. What I do…. is slightly more authentic than that, and I would invite you to explore the catalog!

I invite you, to take a look at our current offerings, as well as a look at what is to come. Expect big things Arizona!

Keep the Greasy Side Down

Ryan B. Clark

Current Titles

Spirits of Jerome: A Book of Speculative Fiction

By: Ryan B. Clark


A work of ten loosely connected short stories that tell stories around, but not of, the legends of the historic Ghost Town in the mountains of the Verde Valley, Arizona. The book includes a review written by Arizona Award Winning Author, Ken Lamberton, and a forward by local favorite legendary musician, Stephen Ashbrook.

Retail: $9.99

Wholesale: $5.50

Spirits of Jerome on

Kindred Spirits & Mirrored Souls: A Book of Poetry & Photographs in Juxtaposition

By: Ryan B. Clark, Rhonda Rae Holcombe, and Kyle T. Blalock


What began as a childhood dream, ended abruptly when Rhonda Rae Holcombe took her own life. Afterwards, with the blessing of her family, Ryan B. Clark completed their goal, of co-writing a poetry book that would show two unique perspectives on multiple topics over time. The book catalogs nearly two decades of two mirrored lives, in verse. It was very much a labor of love, but the hope is that through its raw emotional truth, it may help others find a degree of light, and hope. 100% of Rhonda’s proceeds are donated to Suicide Awareness and Prevention Charities.

Retail: $14.95

Wholesale: $8.23

Kindred Spirits & Mirrored Souls on

Upcoming Releases

ManInfest Destiny: A Collaboration of Music & Literature

By: Ryan B. Clark

Based on a Concept by: The Attempt

Music by: The Attempt and Tapestrees

Expected Release: Late 2018

ManInfest Destiny is an experiment in Independent Art. Each chapter has an accompanying song, written by a local Arizona artist. The novella, tells the story of the Rock Opera that they create. Each chapter mirrors lyrics, and themes of each song, and each instrumental mirrors the moods and tones of the writing. The cover is also a collaboration, and will be an original painting by California based, artist Michael Sean Degnan. As release approaches, which I hope will be this Fall/Winter, each song will be released as a music video, named after each chapter, and released over time, in sequence on a You Tube channel. Eventually, the dream is to create this one as an Audio Book, to allow listening of the book and music as intended. All in good time!

Echoes of the Ancients: A Work of Speculative Native Myth and Legend

By: Ryan B. Clark

Expected Release: Summer 2019

As an Arizona Native son, and distant Ojibwa descendant, Ryan B. Clark has always held a deep fascination and reverence for the sovereign nations that make up the greater area of his home state. This book tells a fictitious story, inspired by the fables and legends of ten different Arizona based Native Nations. It is meant, as my deep and humble ode to the creativity their beautiful worlds inspire.

Untitled Anthology of Native American Juvenile Fiction