Love in the Time of Covid

My daughter of step is driving.

Teaching Jillian to write about music with Jane n the Jungle

It is terrifying. Not because she is a bad driver, quite the contrary as some of you may have seen me broadcast on FaceBook Live (much to her chagrin) No, it is terrifying because my kids are growing up. And, not to be crass, but when your daughter all of a sudden starts becoming more and more of an adult, horrors flash in your mind!

Someday… somebody will punch you, and I will want to kill them

The first time the Horror of Fatherhood really showed itself to me, it was when I first held my son born in the last days of the last century. I will never forget that first thought, pounding from within my head like a hemorrhaging jackhammer. Someone is going to hit this face. Someone is going to ball up their fist, someday, and strike this face….. and I am going to want to kill them.

Thoughts like this happen again when your daughter all of a sudden has boobs.

Jillian and William…. The Wurmz Street Team

Someone is going to hurt this face…. Someone is going to ravage this heart…. and someone is going to put tears on this face…. and I am going to want to kill them.

Now… before we spin out on the use of strong words in a society already ravaged by violence and triggered AF, let me just say – I am a pacifist. LOL. I offer these inner thoughts, because they give voice to the fury of a heart that first feels Love.

The same is true…. when it breaks.

And easily uttered phrases from beloved books, are much easier said than truly believed. The fight to bring them into belief…. it was gives those words power.

What is it about tragedy that goes hand in hand with epiphany? Is it Aristotle’s Catharsis, laid down in The Poetics and emulated to perfection by The Bard? Is it that Othello moment, the moment when the life of a great man is laid low by his own Achille’s Heel… that we realize that if it could happen to one so great….

This is how tragedy works. It is why we as humans, as positive as we may try to be, or hope to stay, we are moved by drama. We sometimes call them chickflicks. And what is the difference between a Romantic Comedy and a Tragedy? What is the difference between Pretty Woman AND Othello?

Usually one slight change in Act IV

So… what does this phenomena of Catharsis show us? That when we are forced to see our own smallness, our own failings, or the failings of the environment around us… it forces us to a reckoning. It coaxes us into reflection and meditation. It is exactly what I have been doing with a lot of my current work. It is what a lot of other artists are doing as well. It is probably what you have been doing too…. in your way.

Love in the Times of Covid…. indeed

Covid-19 has forced a reckoning. And the way that other human beings, negotiating this Mad, Mad World…. can be inspiring. One such duo of fabulous human beings is Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda, of Carol Pacey & the Honeyshakers.

LOVE DOES – a New Single from Carol Pacey & the Honeyshakers

It is not like Carol Pacey is foreign to the concept of using Rock n Roll to save her soul. In fact, I will always argue that her and her band always take that a huge step forward – they want Rock n Roll to save yours too.

Love Does, the new single by Carol Pacey & the Honeyshakers is available this FRIDAY, May 29th. The song is being released as a B-side to their song If Romance is Dead Then I Want To Be Dead Too. This song is only available through Big Stir Records, with the possible exception of our good friends over at KWSS 93.9 FM. BUT…. I have had a chance to listen to it. It is wonderful. It is poignant. And, as you are most certainly are by now aware… music forces me to wax poetic.

“I never thought someone could find their way into my broken heart.
There wasn’t much left after the fall…”


Can a person be too broken? Can the damage that has been done, the water that is all dammed up and just will not roll down the way and beneath the damn bridge. Scars that will not heal, and scabs that you cannot resist to pick. It changes a person. It changes their mind, and heart, and soul. It changes the way that they see, and hear, and taste, and smell….. everything.

“I didn’t stand a chance. I had to take this chance. I didn’t think that I could feel this much.”


Many of the artists that I know during this time are feeling this sense. Dread. Nostalgia. Contemplation. What the hell is going on in the world, and what does that mean for me? In my way, it has led me to writing one of the most prolific, personal, and daunting projects I have ever undertaken. For my friend Zoel Zohnnie, he threw everything in his broken soul at the care of his People. For brave, master sergeant Joshua Strickland, R.N., it meant flying from Arizona into the Maw of Covid, New Jersey. For Carol and Andy, it was about reminding you…. that you too could heal.

“Holding my hands while making our plans and then suddenly dancing in the dark.”


Carol and Andy are my friends. I love them as musicians, but I love them more, I love them completely, as people. Why? What have they ever done for me? They have written the words that get stuck, when the time feels like it will never move again. And suddenly…. light shows. Like honey.

Love does what love does because it doesn’t care what once was.


PS…. Ghost Writer would like to wish a very special congratulations to the lovely couple Jeremiah and Tracy Scheffer my wonderful friends at Blushing Cactus Photography. I am a jaded, but romantic soul, my friends…. and you make me smile. Every single time. Much Adore, Amigos.

Feature Photo Credit: Jimi Giannatti of Pop Narkotic

Be safe. Keep the Greasy Side Down. Love.