Letters to Laertes – Continued

You will not want to miss the continuation to the second half of Letters to Laertes. When last we left, The Elephant in the Room had been discovered and my teaching career was in shambles. You will not want to miss where this thing goes!

Photo Credit : Blushing Cactus Photography

My friends, you know that somehow this Indie guy that couldn’t even get his books in stores somehow managed to win Phoenix Magazine’s BEST OF THE VALLEY 2021 for best author. That changes some perspectives. You know about Hookworm Records and the wonderful opportunities that are being created in our United Arizona Music Community. You know this story goes…. to what certainly seems to be a good place.

How did we get here?

I invite you –

  • If I have inspired you
  • If I have awed you
  • If I have shocked you
  • If I have surprised you
  • If I have perplexed you
  • If I have, dare I say it, made you think….

Come with me on the rest of this journey.