Keep the Greasy Side Down: Online Magazine

Mission Statement:

Originally, I heard keep the greasy side down as a parting gesture from my grandfather.  Papa was never fond of motorcycles, and he would admonish me upon leaving a visit, every single time, “keep the greasy side down, grandson.”  It stuck, and it developed.  Keeping the greasy side down has become a mantra for me, not only on the highway on my motorcycle, but also in the highways of life. There is so much going on, beautiful, fascinating, entertaining and spectacular… right underneath our noses and in our own back yards.  Living these things.  Exploring these places.  Experiencing these events… allows for a fuller existence, and in so doing…. very similar to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, we start to see it applies to almost everything.


This Online Magazine is about exploring the various permutations and derivatives of that journey.

Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine features four columns, or feature articles, per month.  Usually released on Friday or Saturday, each week features a new release in that month’s “issue”.

As described on the Home Page… the four columns are:

The Geek Canon

Where Wade Crossman, Extraordinaire will journey through the currents of our modern mythologies and our obsessions with them.

Mile Markers: People & Byways

As I journey this great State of Arizona and the greater Four Corners region, I meet fascinating people, doing simply incredible things, and along the hidden passages of these journeys…. I try to chronicle my quest for peace through my writing.

Ghost Writer Radio, LIVE !

I love music!  Simply put, it is not a job whatsoever to go to live shows and chronicle the time spent there.  It is a cool gig!  What I hope to accomplish in this monthly series is a deeper look inside the actual business of being an indie band, and by exploring those models look to broaden them as a basis for grassroots, independent artist organization.

The Arizona Poetry / Lit Community

What we hope to accomplish in this monthly section is a dialog between communities around Arizona that feature poetry, literature, and active engagement with reading.  Currently, we feature one monthly event, First Sundays @ The House of Bards in Tucson, Arizona.  I am hoping to add a sister event for the Verde Valley area soon…. stay tuned!


With four articles a month, ranging from poetry communities, to scenic byway travelogues, to adventures in the Indie Phoenix night life, to philosophical cultural asides and literature – Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine has an Independent and Unique perspective on Arizona!