Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer Press is the Independent Publishing Suite that I set up at Ingram Distribution.  The goal is to publish a few quality print products a year, and eventually open the doors to some submissions.  For now: the two main arms of the operation are:

Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine

An online magazine named after a comment my late grandfather would always say to me every time I rode out after a visit; he always disapproved of motorcycles.  “Keep the greasy side down, grandson,” he would say, and it stuck.

When envisioning a name for my online magazine/ blog the name seemed like one that would work for a collection of articles that try to explore our state, our thoughts and beliefs, our poetry and emotions, and our music… all with an independent twist and an Arizona focus.

It has been a bit of an enigma for some, but overall…. I think Papa would be proud.

March 2018 Issue

Ghost Writer, Live!  Episode 3…. In the House of Flying Blankets


February 2018 issue

The Geek Messiah(s)
The Poetry of Violence
Ghost Writer Radio, LIVE: Episode 2 

For Mile Markers this time… we offer a “re-issue” of the previous three Echoes of the Ancients research trips.  First, with the bid by Nestle and Coke for South American water rights, water is once again, front and center, unless…. we are talking Sonoran water, in which case it seems the world hardly notices.  Second, over the next two months, I will be completing the final two research trips, and Echoes will be on its way to the editor, so it seemed fitting to once again full forward the journeys that began last year.  Enjoy!

Ashes and Ghosts – Hopi / Navajo Research Trip One

The Ongoing Shame of Cultural Tyranny – Apache / Yavapai Research Trip Two

Sonoran Silver & Water: A Yaqui History – Yaqui / Pascua Yaqui Research Trip Three

January 2018 Issue


Poetry… Is Necessary
The Geek Canon: an Intro
Ghost Writer Radio, LIVE: Episode 1
Autumn Harley & the Indian Ghost Ride for the Wild Horses

Ghost Writer Press Products in Print

The other branch, obviously, is books in print.  Get Some!

Spirits of Jerome


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Kindred Spirits & Mirrored Souls


Echoes of the Ancients