Collective Medicine: A Native American Initiative

If you remember all the way back so far as May 19th ….. I brought you the news of Zoel Zohnnie, and his amazing efforts in starting Water Warriors United. In a world that is so full of unknown variables, for everyone, it is easy to become overwhelmed. It is easy to think of one issue, and think it into circles and hoops that just intersect with other issues and problems. It gets heavy. It is not easy at all, not for any of us. I have found hope and inspiration in this chaotic time by looking for stories of people rising up. Zoel is a man, with angels and demons, just like all of us, but by choosing to embrace his greater angels – and act – he is changing the world.

Collective Medicine – A Native American Network

Mni waconi/tó’ei’íina’ (water is life)! 

You can’t change the world
But you can change the facts
And when you change the facts
You change points of view
If you change points of view
You may change a vote
And when you change a vote
You may change the world

Depeche Mode
Zoel Zohnnie

What Came Before

Wristbands For RezKids

Zoel Zohnnie is a boiler maker, a welder, but he is also an actor. You may recognize him from either of his three films Mud (2017), Frybread (2018), or My Little One (2019) or shows such as Longmire on Netflix. One of the things that is common among all levels of celebrity is charity work, that tends to be something that is good for public relations, but true philanthropy is shown by sharing love. And being on the lookout for need, and always thinking of what you can do to address it.

Hey Mom! We get to go to the Fair!

“I had done crowdfunding campaigns before for wood/ coal hauling and Christmas events for kids and their parents but never just something for kids. On the Navajo Nation, fair season is like the holidays, and many of them require wristbands to be able to ride the rides. Many families can afford to go to the fair, but not to get their kids wristbands for the rides, especially if they have several kids.”

Zoel Zohnnie

Recognizing Need

Part of being the change you want to see in the world is being ready to meet needs when you see them, even if they are not specifically your job. 30% of the Navajo Nation must haul water, but as Water Warriors United brought the water…. they found something else.

People are the jobs of People. Love… is everyone’s job.

The Little 18 Pack

If you are too busy judging people, or measuring your entitlements against their reality, you have no time to love them.

What Comes After NOW

Sasquatch Fellowship

UPDATE: October 2020!! Well did you think that Zoel was going to just stop? No, 2020 has tumbled on, and Zoel has expanded, and the Sasquatch Fellowship is underway! Not only do the Elders and the needy struggle without water in a health crisis, but when the snow starts to fall, and the freeze comes, resources for heat become an even more daunting concern. As I have updated you ALL YEAR, where Zoel and The Collective Medicine Campaign see need, they answer. And Arizona (and the Navajo Nation) We all Rise Together. When we see people doing the right thing, because the necessary resources are not provided, and we can – we ought to rise to that level of good. We ought to rise to our better angels. The world really needs it. Please – if you can – make a donation to The Sasquatch Fellowship and The Collective Medicine Campaign.

If you have not spent much time as a high plateau drifter, the Navajo Nation is some of the most awe inspiring and arid wild-lands still left in the southwest. It is hot and dry in the summer, with winds blowing the red dust over the road like trails of fog. The wind carries the jagged kisses of sand, and umbrellas are used more often for shade or shelter than for rain. But when the summer fades, the land brings an equal harshness with winter. Water must still be hauled, but now so must wood and coal, to warm the homes and hogans from the harsh bite of blowing snow and piling drifts.

Collective Medicine is all about unifying these Love Efforts beneath one federally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of The People.

What You Can Do To Help

There are two ways that you can help the efforts of Collective Medicine. Keep in mind these concerns were there ever before Covid-19 was ravaging The Nation.


DONATE (Tax Exempt)

In times of crisis, when systems fail…. it is People who must Rise.

This is two months of impact. Two months of one person’s ripple effect. We do not always know how far even the most simple of actions can go.

When all around us the things through which we find clarity, solice, peace, and serenity seem to be transitory, or fleeting. Like there is no sense to anything. Like taking a moment of tranquility in a world that is not – is somehow hopeless, or somehow not valuable. After all, with so much awful, what can one person do? Governments fail. Systems collapse. But one man can inspire a Nation with wristbands, water, and wood.

What did you do today?

Be safe. Love.

Keep the Greasy Side Down