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Inspiration comes from everywhere.  You might see a billboard, a sunset, a beautiful (or ugly) moment and write a song, a poem, a story, or paint a painting.  For an artist, inspiration can be feast or famine: a full on assault or droughts that feel endless.  This particular project was inspired by local music.


I listen to music all of the time.  Constantly.  And as a local music writer, I am continually listening to indie albums from other artists trying to make an impact in their community and beyond.  I might hear a verse, or imagine an image, or maybe it is just a line, and it resonates, and germinates into something living, vibrant, and clawing to get out.  Ghost Songs simply names those inspirations.

What Exactly is Ghost Songs?

The book is a loosely connected collection of 15 stories (16 with the Epilogue).  Each story was inspired, loosely: a thought, a jibe in a certain direction, a character, a setting – by a local song.  If you imagine this collection as a series on Netflix, something like American Horror Story perhaps, the songs become the soundtrack… NOT the plot.

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