The Golden Songbird

Sophie, who can play moody, acoustic guitar-driven ballads and sing with the angels is a self-described indie/folk singer. Alex is 22, but his sister 3 years his junior has been performing since the age of 9, has sang on stage with Alice Cooper, has a long discography of recorded music, and now.. has the duo signed to a record contract. It may seem surprising, until you look at Sophie's resume. After all, at nineteen, she is already a musical industry veteran whose career has survived a global pandemic.

Hazy Yellow Medicine Dreams

I found myself feeling similarly writing my review of Daughter of Country by Megan & Shane. I found myself writing about the lyrics, the poetry, not the production, not the music, not the magic of Bob Hoag. Why? Is that because it is country music, deceivingly simply, seemingly so conventional? Or is because the poetry of the Americana artist is the authentic voice that connects us to what it is to be human. We are all hazy angels, wishing to not waste our gifts, or time, our lives. It is the poetry that is necessary. It is the words that connect, unite, and tie... rather than rip and divide usunder. This hazy angel can sing the soundtrack to my quite contemplative whisky days.... any time.

The Beauty of Resolve & Common Unknowns

Megan and Shane Baskerville are on a journey. They are going to a place, together, and publically, most of us would be jealous of but are too scared to pursue. This record reminds me of this journey. This awful, terrible, painful, beautiful, amazing world - and the person I chose to travel it with. And why.... the new normal is to just be LOW together. This record dares to face that, confront it, and then personally - change it. If we are not too afraid. Word.

Precision & Dreams : Wurmfur

Precise, dream fueled fun. It is solid, it is in your face, it is a sledgehammer of awesomeness. It is WURMFUR.