Popping Bubble Gum with Lillith

Yes we try to keep that alive. I worry the shuffling of resources or lack of them before and now even more challenging after 2020 ate some holes in places to play and the flow. But hopefully more outdoor opportunities to play arrive because we have so much space and great weather! Yes it’s always been an eccentric energy of making something out of nothing out of leftover crumbs and dust in Tucson. That pride of finding the brilliant and cozy in ugly or sun bleached is held sacred.

An Epic Journey – Takes Epic Heart

“People need to realize that you cannot have an art scene without artist responsibility. You cannot participate in a community while contributing to systemic issues.” Matty Steinkamp

A Poet of Class & Monument

If you ask Dick, his most special endeavor was the establishment of a Writer’s Workshop in the Arizona State Prison system. His latest book of non-fiction, Crossing the Yard: Thirty Years as a Prison Volunteer, will change everything you think you know about the creative men who may also be doing hard time. I am proud to call him my friend, proud of his notable contributions to Arizona, and phenomentally honored to be able to spend personal time learning from him.

Awesome in Arizona

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