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Subscribe to feed This new initiative is trying to get ballot access for November 2018. Whatever your thoughts are on the matter, have an open mind about this topic. So sit back, relax and tune in for another episode. Reference: Arizona group…


The Dad Episode

The Dad Episode It’s official….I mean, it has been official for about 7 months now. I’m a father. So please lend your ears as I speak about the hopes and fears I have of being a new father.

Autumn Harley & the Indian Ghost

Two decades long friends load up a Harley & an Indian and head to the most Famous Motorcycle Rally in the World.

The Sound & the Fury : the Rebirth of Heavy Metal

I Don’t Konform… Raw, Rez Rock. Following in the footsteps of Metallica, can they usher in a rebirth in heavy metal?

Kody Dayish Cast to Co-Star with Adam Beach in Upcoming Film: Desert

Last we heard of Kody Dayish, he was working on sending out The Red Hogaan, the summer has been busy for Dayish Productions.

Sonoran Silver & Water: A Yaqui History

After driving through Yaqui land in South Tucson, a conversation with Sky Walker takes Ghost Writer deep into a forgotten and silenced history.

All I Ever Wanted

Sometimes people act as portals to the past. Ivan Denis provides the argument for simplicity in a world that is anything but.

A Quarter Century: A Peacemaker

A fan of Roger Clyne since my arrival in Phoenix in 1995-96, I decide the release of NATIVE HEART is worth my first album review.

Confronting Nietzsche, Embracing Hamlet, & The Great Cosmic Joke

Perhaps, with enough common history, trust, and raw guts, people can truly communicate with candor about the power of music.

The Ongoing Shame of Cultural Tyranny

Arizona Native Tour 2 uses the Apache Wars and the creation of the San Carlos Reservation as a way to discuss Cultural Appropriation.