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The Ongoing Shame of Cultural Tyranny

Arizona Native Tour 2 uses the Apache Wars and the creation of the San Carlos Reservation as a way to discuss Cultural Appropriation.

DL Marble & C A S A Music Group

DL Marble might be the last truly original Arizona Outlaw. I followed him and CASA around Phoenix for a month to meet the man.

My Home is in Jerome

Some places just cast a spell on you. With Spirits of Jerome just four months away, I try to explain the magic.

Refuting Forbes, Courting Millenials, and Sticking it to the Man

The Ghostwriter sits down with Wyves to discuss the changing face of the music industry and unapologetic rock.

Old Amigos by 3 AM

DO NOT miss your last chance to see these NEW CHUMS before they hideaway to record with FLYING BLANKET !

A Quest of Vision

Ghost Writer Presents….

Ashes and Ghosts

My travel log of my first two reservation visits: Hopi and Navajo, as I prepare for my next book Echoes of the Ancients.