Spacey Prog & Scorpion Blues

What I feel immediately upon listening to I’m Not The One You Had in Mind, the first single coming next week from The Desert in Winter, is that Mississippi Nova is firmly on course to bring that swampy muddiness home to flourish and mature in the dust and the dirt and stings of the scorpions of the Southwest.

Time, Success & the Honeysuckle Madness of a Covid Summer

Honeysuckle Summer, the new album by Charles Ellsworth, bookends the Covid pandemic from conception to release. Listening to it, forces a special reconciliation with time and a year lost.

Unpopular Opinion

The bands can’t really say it – But I CAN, so I brought in the Big Guns……

Something Wickedly Fun This Way Comes 10/20

This record makes you feel like a kid again, running down the street right before sundown with your plastic pumpkin and your vinyl costume from the variety store. Laughing, jumping, staying up too late and watching old creepy movies, and eating way too much candy with the Ghouls and the Goblins.

Oh Captain, My Captain: Letters to Laertes 7

If I can, I would teach you how to think – Alice Larson

Collective Medicine: A Native American Initiative

A Native American Network whose purpose is to gather resources for the benefit of fellow Native Americans.

The Death of Heroes: Letters to Laertes 6

“Because it will never die…”

The Best Laid Plans: Letters to Laertes 5

I will never forget that thought. The first thought of Fatherhood. Someday, someone will lash out, and hurt this face….

The Apostate : Letters to Laertes 4

After the MTC. After Troost Avenue. It wasn’t until I returned to lush, suburban whiteness that my faith died.

By the Time I Get to Arizona: Letters to Laertes 3

Before we can discuss how faith failed; we must check your privilege.