Submission Guidelines

What We Are Interested In

Art is a beautiful, insane, wonderful, creative ride that takes one to unexpected places and into brilliant new worlds.  BUT, making a living as an artist is a whole other ballgame.  Very few people write out the beginnings of Harry Potter on a cafe napkin and explode to world wide super stardom.  Most of us have to start small, with a few local friends and family trying to help springboard us to something else.

That was the framework of Keep The Greasy Side Down; to create a community of independent artists – people without official representation – looking to build their fan base, extend their reach, and increase their exposure.  So far, obviously the focus has been musicians and local bands, but there is A LOT MORE going on in Arizona that is waiting to be discovered!


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We are interested in well written reviews, interviews, expositions, or photo expose’s that cover Arizona (or adjoined Native Nations):

  • Musicians
  • Painters
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Jewelers
  • Artisans/ Crafters

Ethics / Community Standards

So far, we have tried to maintain a PG-13/ 16 rating.  There are curse words in some of the articles, but they are not pervasive, and they are fitting, if you will, to the topic.

Keep The Greasy Side Down is a multi-cultural publication. This is not the medium for hate, hate speech, indoctrination, or religious exploitation.  This is a community of artists, free thinkers, and creative people looking to explore their worlds and share their wonders with other people.

No submissions that glorify division, disunity, or disharmony will be accepted.  There is a difference of being critical about society, or the world in general, and critical of a people or a culture.

Please be respectful and appropriate to the PG-13 audience.

Submission Guidelines

At this time NO FICTION, NO BOOKS, nor EXTENDED CONTENT are being accepted by Ghost Rider Press.  The ONLY submissions we are currently interested in are journalistic, non-fiction, pieces that follow these guidelines:

  • Submission needs to be of the appropriate topic (see above)
  • Submission must be NO LESS than 1500 words and NO MORE than 3000 words.
  • Any photographs need to be attached as separate files – saved as (ex. jpg_1; jpg_2; etc).
  • Any video/ YouTube footage either needs to be sent as an attachment (as above) or the link needs to be written out in the body of your submission.
  • Placement of photographs within body of your submission should be likewise marked (ex. insert slideshow jpg_2,6,9,5 here).
  • No submission will be accepted with more than 10 photograph files AND/ OR 2 movie files (totaling no more than 10 minutes).
  • ALL SUBMISSIONS will be scanned for viruses, and hostile threats will be reported.  Just be cool people!

Submit Your Work HERE !!!!!

Response Expectations

At this point, we really have no expectations of this new endeavor here at Keep The Greasy Side Down.  This entire expansion is a mystery!  It’s an adventure!  Let’s ROLL !!!

So, at this point… please allow at least 1 – 2 weeks for a response from our submissions team.  You will be notified by email, either way when we have evaluated your piece.

IF ACCEPTED, you can expect your piece to run as a featured GUEST CONTRIBUTOR article for a ONE MONTH rotation (issue).




THANK YOU for your interest in KEEPING THE GREASY SIDE DOWN !!!!!

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