So… You Wanna be a Writer?

As Ghost Rider Press continues to evolve, one thing is becoming absolutely certain – there are way too many cool things going on in Arizona for one guy to cover!  That said, one of the reasons that this endeavor is growing and showing success, is that I have built very slowly and methodically.

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It is important to remember, when this whole Keep the Greasy Side Down thing began, a mere five months ago as of this writing, it was simply meant as a way for me to grow a following for the release of Spirits of Jerome.  Ha !  Those expectations are long surpassed, and this online community of independent artists is becoming larger and stronger than I really ever envisioned.

SO – My first thought was to open submissions to students only: students in the fields of English, Journalism, Creative or Technical Writing, etc.  My thinking was based in the idea that young writers are trying to build a resume of published material, and Keep the Greasy Side Down could be an outlet for these student “indie” writers to engage with their community and get a writing credit.  I still think that is the way to go, but to limit it to students is not necessary.  Interested  authors just need to realize that at this time THIS IS NOT A PAYING GIG !  This is an EXPOSURE gig.

The above map and chart show growth from the inception of Keep the Greasy Side Down (as of July 21, 2017).  The first article was published at the beginning of March.  Since then, each month has at least doubled the reach of the previous, for four months of solid and substantial growth.

Keep the Greasy Side Down is growing at an incredible pace, and I am beyond thrilled at the exposure that I am not only creating for myself as a writer but also really being able to start to offer my subjects.  This growing exposure extends to writers looking to try to build an audience or a resume.  The world of writing is changing, and has been changing for quite some time.  Stephen King’s On Writing is one of the absolute best books on the craft, but even his biography section has become dated.  There are no more small magazines to publish short stories in…. There are no more small publications, or print newspapers, that are hungry for submissions…. All of these things have moved online, to blogs, to online magazines… like this one.

All of that said – if you are interested in submitting your work to Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine, AND:

  • IF you are an ARIZONA resident; or
  • IF you are a resident of any of the NATIVE RESERVATIONS that extend beyond Arizona (such as the Navajo Nation).  As Sovereign Nations, and as native residents of the beautiful southwest before State Boundaries existed, Keep the Greasy Side Down is open to my friends from Arizona bordering Nations.

arizona Historical Arizona territory Tribal Nations

THEN, please hit the following link to go to the Submissions Guidelines Page.


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