About Ghost Writer

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Ghost Writer Press is simply the LLC in place through which I independently publish my writing.  My name is Ryan B. Clark, and I am an Arizona born writer and motorcyclist.

The first function of Keep the Greasy Side Down is to function as a road journal.  Think of a DVD/ Blu Ray with all of its special features and making of featurettes.   I love to ride the by-ways of Arizona searching for new tales and superstitions for my next project.  En route, I explore, I think, I wander, I get lost, I discover.  Look for a new article every month or two as I aim to create a kind of Road Warrior/ Anthony Bordain-esque/ Arizona Highways / travel log filled with pictures and out-of-the-way places that inspire thoughts that require heavy lifting.

The second purpose of Keep the Greasy Side Down, is to provide a useful hub for exploring a community of Indie Arizona Artists.  I love the idea of using all sorts of media to explore an artistic vision.  This will show first through Ghost Rider Radio, which is a collection of Arizona artists that have influenced my work, and as a way of kinda paying it back around, I plan on using this site to propel interest in not only my own work, but that of my Arizona contemporaries.

The Third use for Keep the Greasy Side Down is to get down in the Bone Hoard – aka “the store”.  My first release through Ghost Writer Press will be Spirits of Jerome coming October 2017 !  Look for it in Jerome, Arizona and here…… for sale online in The Bone Hoard.

Spirits of Jerome is the first in a series of books that will really show the connection between Keep the Greasy Side Down as a “Blog” and the writing projects that I produce though Ghost Writer Press.  Had I had this website up and rolling for the entirety of this last year, it would have been obvious to see the trips, discoveries, and missions taken to Jerome whether it was to take photographs, sit in The Spirit Room and write, or just to escape for a while to my Home Away From Home.  On Facebook, these posts were my most popular, and many people (including folks over at Indian Motorcycles) have commented or asked permission to use several of the photos.  Using the Blog portion to explore this ability in depth will give these ideas more scope and range.

Keep The Greasy Side Down simply becomes the hub for all things Ryan B. Clark and Ghost Writer Press on the Wonderful World Wide Webs !

Keep it Scary!


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