Ryan B. Clark

Ryan Clark (02)

Greetings from Ghost Writer.

Ryan B. Clark is an independent writer from Tucson, Arizona. After spending a life riding the byways of Arizona, living all over the state, and eventually landing in the Phoenix area, and frustrated with the woes of modern publishing – Ghost Writer was born!

Ryan writes across two platforms: published books through Ghost Writer Press and AZ music / lifestyle articles via Keep the Greasy Side Down Online Magazine. Recently his involvements have expanded to include Hookworm Records, a new Indie Record Label in Phoenix he co-owns with Kevin Michael Prier and David Rhodes.

“Ryan B. Clark’s enthusiasm for the Phoenix music scene cannot be topped. Proof is in this book, inspired entirely by local music. He’s a listener, and takes each story in a direction I don’t think even the musicians intended. That’s what makes Ghost Songs so deliciously intriguing.”

Dani Cutler
DJ Extraordinaire and Manager KWSS 93.9 FM

Ryan is the author of five books:

  • Grave Whispers – Black Bed Sheet Books (Out of Print)
  • Spirits of Jerome
  • Kindred Spirits & Mirrored Souls
  • ManInfest Destiny
  • Ghost Songs

You can certainly support the richest man in the world if you would like by buying my books through Amazon. But, if you buy them from me, they will come signed with love. Click Here to visit my Facebook Store to buy direct !

Ryan B. Clark