New Release! Ghost Songs


Ghost Songs is my second collection of supernatural short stories set in my home state of Arizona.  With Spirits of Jerome I wanted to give my own fictitious spin to popular Jerome legends.  Everyone knows that tour companies doing ghost and history tours are in Jerome.  In fact, there are three companies up there doing that gig.  I wanted my book to seem familiar, but new.  So the book became a tribute to never underestimating the magical properties of a seemingly ordinary place.


With Ghost Songs, I wrote this return to the Arizona Netherworld to be a tribute to the local music I love and never underestimating the magical properties of local music.  Each story is inspired by a different local Arizona band, and tells an original story that would showcase that bands song as the soundtrack, if it were a movie.

Several stories link back to the setting introduced in Spirits of Jerome.  Ghost Songs becomes a much deeper excursion into this supernatural Netherworld though.  It is longer, more in depth, and has several intertwined stories that make it more than a loose collection of spooky tales.

The book is also a huge tribute to our local Phoenix music community, and it is full of nods and tips of the hat to friends and band members.  I wrote it hoping for it to read like an Easter egg hunt through an Arizona grave yard for those within the community.

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