The Gloriousness of The Woodworks

One recurrent name that has come up in the various band features that I have written so far this year has been The Woodworks. Sometimes, when our gauge as a local music community is simply the buzz we hear, it can be hard to articulate what actually moves the chains, if you will, for the bands we love. But, we know it when we see it. All of a sudden, there is a change, a variable, and a band takes an evolutionary leap. It is actually quite awesome to see, when it happens.

I was at Crescent Ballroom a few years ago when I first experienced The Woodworks. I remember sending a message to my wife: “I really think you will like this band. Powerhouse of a lead vocal.” From that time we saw the band play several times, and I was always a bit surprised by Karla’s lackluster response. Time passed, and it had been awhile since she had seen The Woodworks live, and out of nowhere I got the response I had been expecting months eariler. “Holy shit!”

Exactly. Holy shit. The Woodworks are a power house of a trio, with Steve Beer bringing a metal intensity to the bass, Konstantin slamming the skins into submission, and Solo coming in with a bluesy, punky, soul crushing vocal and a fury of sonic intensity on guitar. Often taking the stage in various costumes and make-up, there is a playfulness to this band however that makes them infinitely approachable.

Perhaps…. that glorious playfulness has never been more perfectly showcased, than on the brand new release of Episode 1: The Spark That Never Ends.

And, this week, as promised… Episode 2: Fever Dream:

And, finally, Episode 3: Qlafter Meds

The Woodworks

  1. It’s a little bit Flying Circus, a little bit Yellow Submarine, what is your ultimate goal with The Glorious Episodes?

Solo: We just wanted to do something different than we’ve done before. Stan has some experience with video editing and we wanted to be able to release some video content with our music.

Creating content across platforms to showcase your art is the name of the game when it comes to marketing yourself in today’s saturated social media world. The Woodworks have done a fantastic job of incorporating Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to push their message to different demographics and audiences.

2. If you look back on my features this year, I asked a question about other local bands getting attention…. The Woodworks came up on almost every single band’s list. What is the next step in trying to capitalize on this buzz?

Solo: The buzz has definitely been nice so we’ve tried to step up our social media and just really trying to promote the new EP. We did our first tour last summer and we plan on doing more in the future to gain a wider audience.

3. You are one of the first bands to perform, and the first to do a release show, at Unity Through Community. What do local bands need to know about this venue? How does it stack up against the other usual suspects in town?

Solo: Unity is a great space and is owned and operated by dear friends of ours. We wanted to do somewhere unusual and having a wonderful gallery at our fingertips is the coolest thing we could ask for since we are presenting an art project. They are set up just as good as any venue in town and I’d encourage any band to book a show there.

4. Both of your fellow Woodworks perform in additional projects. Is there a benefit to you creativity as a band for their to be outside creative endeavors?

Solo: I think with Steve and Stan in other projects it’s really because people can see the level of talent they have in our band and are excited to work with them because of their creativity. For me, one band is enough but I think they thrive on being in different bands to give them a different perspective on how to write.

5. What is your go to cover song?

Solo: Right now our go-to cover song is Human Behavior by Björk but that changes whenever we learn a new one.

6. Besides being musicians, do you have day jobs, and if so what do you do?

Solo: Steve works in seasonal lighting, aka Christmas lights for homes and corporate buildings. Stan teaches drums during the week and I used to be a hairdresser but it was too time consuming so I work as a waitress at Pho Cao a few days a week and focus on band stuff at home for the rest of it.

Obviously with all of the craziness in the world, The Woodworks had to cancel their release event, but you can buy their New EP HERE while you wait for the world to come back online.

Be Safe my friends, and Keep the Greasy Side Down !