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One of my favorite distinctions between Punk and Post-Punk is from the French Joy Division documentary. I have quoted from it before.

Punk Reference at 19:35

I first used the example in my article Nostalgic Fusion, reviewing Paper Foxes newest album Popular Confessions. There is this blending that is happening, sounds and movements from bygone eras are coming back, inspiring creativity, and being molded with the modern, a push against those previous boundaries in the desperate attempt to find something exciting and new.

The Edisons at Apache Lake Music Festival 2019

The Edisons are another band that tickle that sense of before. That sense that they are a fresh voice talking about a setting and world view that has only intensified. In the documentary Bernard Sumner talks about the setting of his youth, the upheaval, the constant change ( at 3:00 minutes). And that was almost sixty years ago. Nothing has slowed down. Nothing has become less complicated. And nothing has assuaged that feeling of….. I’m fucked.

We just don’t like to be seen as being too toxic about it.

The Edisons have a show debuting their newest single (The Live Version is Featured above) this week, with support from The Real Fakes, The Woodworks, and Go Outside. This will be a fantastic show folks… Get OUT.

The Edisons

1. What three local bands in town are people not paying enough attention to besides yours?

The Woodworks | Damn the Weather | Las Chollas Peligrosas

2. Where do you shop for stage clothes?

Buffalo Exchange if we had to choose, but Lauren is always thrifting in general.

Ghost Writer Photo

3. Have you ever met Bubba? Explain.

Never met a Bubba I didn’t love, but…. wut?

4. What other bands do you play in around town, if any?

The Edisons are where it’s at.

The Edisons

5. What is your go to cover song?

In general we do not play covers, but we covered Rhinestone Cowboy for When in Arizona and that was a good time. Eric enjoys covering Transmission by Joy Division in his spare time.

6. Besides being musicians, do you have day jobs, and if so what do you do?

Nick is a kitchen manager, Lauren does brand strategy at a local advertising agency and owns Gather, a retail shop at The Churchill downtown, Eric work in Video Game Marketing.

7. Ninja or Samurai?

Ninja, specifically Turn Turn from 3 Ninjas….. but, Lauren adds, Samurais makes better friends.

8. As a band what are three of your favorite venues that you play around town?

The Rebel Lounge | Last Exit Live | Cornish Pasty with honorable mention to The Rogue Bar

9. Tell me a bit about your inspirations and creative writing process.

Nick: Hunter S. Thompson is my all time favorite writer. The way he dips between beautiful observatory poetry and clashes it with tongue in cheek hyperbole strikes a chord. It really helped me find my own voice, and find a way to write about serious issues (loss,depression,addiction) and counter balance them with lighter subject matter. I like to think our music brings a certain Jekyll and Hyde vibe. Pop music with teeth if I may.

Lauren: I will forever and always be the biggest Jimmy Eat World fan. And there is a lot of pop inspiration in my keys parts. Nick is an incredible and prolific song writer so he’s always bringing the start of songs to practice, usually with the guitar part structure and melody and lyrics. So we mostly bake and start jamming, crafting our own parts, and layering in harmonies where they feel right.

Thursday night is going to be a great show! See ya there, and…

Keep the Greasy Side Down !

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