50 Weeks of Saturday Service

Featured Director: Matty Steinkamp

#SaturdayService | Every Weekend, I bring you to THE CHURCH OF ROCK. Welcome to #SaturdayService Week 49! Saturday’s Service is all about Music Videos. I keep my ear to the ground, and try to stay on top of ALL THE HOT NEW RELEASES from the Arizona Music Community ! It’s rough…. but somebody has to take MTV to school.

FIFTY CONSECUTIVE WEEKS! Last week, I took you to a magical place in development called The Garden PHX and brought you what I think is my best interview in years. What an amazing man, artist, creator, and collaborator we have in Matty Steinkamp, Arizona. Just a GEM. So, for a special week 50, I put together a 15 VIDEO RETROSPECTIVE from the soon to be legendary filmmaker! #GetItMatty

Week 50 Featuring:

15 Amazing Music Videos Directed by Matty Steinkamp

Matty Steinkamp | President Mango Skies

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What Makes a Great Music Video | Matty Steinkamp Talks with Phoenix New Times

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