Spirits of Jerome Book Release Tour

Spirits of Jerome is close.  September is upon us… so within the month, the ghosts will finally have their day!



I wanted to consolidate some information, and provide a fast, and accurate, way for you, your families, and friends to be able to participate in my first book release with Ghost Writer Press!

First…. how do you get the book.  Friends…. I want you to come to an event!  I need participation at events… I know that Amazon is quick and it is easy and it is online…. but it is also not fun…. like at all.  I like fun.  Fun in fun.  That said, below at the bottom of this post, I have included links and information for online purchasing.





Below are a list of events sponsored through Facebook.  Please… these events seriously help event promoters plan for a successful event.  We need to know book orders, and at least have an idea of possible turn out.  I urge you… please take the time to actually participate with the events.  It really helps a lot.

Spirits of Jerome Release @ Spirit Room


Kody Dayish Film Festival @ Shiprock, NM


An Evening with Stephen Ashbrook @ Crescent Ballroom


The 17th Annual Jerome, Arizona Ghost Walk


Spirits of Jerome Meet & Greet @ Bisbee Books & Music


Spirits of Jerome Meet & Greet @ Changing Hands Books Tempe


Spirits of Jerome Meet & Greet @ Tubac Fall Festival – Lily’s of Tubac


Spirits of Jerome: A Review


“Why do we concern ourselves over which side of the membrane of soil our feet poke?” asks Annie Dillard in For the Time Being.”  With Dillard’s same flare for the lyrical, Ryan B. Clark probes this question in Spirits of Jerome, giving readers astonishing insights into the other side, the dark places that come after the grave. This is where the dead philosophize while searching for what it might mean to breathe again. “Nothing lasting was ever created in safety,” Clark says, purposely blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Reading story after stunning story, you’ll start to believe it’s all true.Jerome is “like the paradoxical yin to Sedona’s yang,” Clark writes in a chapter titled “The Muse.” “One had its vortex and neo-classical spirituality. The other had its ghosts.” Indeed.

Jerome is the original “Ghost City” with places like the Haunted Hamburger and the Asylum Restaurant and the Spirit Room, where the veil between the living and dead wears thin.  “All lost and wandering souls find their way there eventually, but the awakened souls of the living create the basis for why they stay.”

All roads lead to Jerome. On your next visit, bring along a copy of Spirits of Jerome as your only companion. It will enhance the experience. Or you will be chilled to the bloody marrow.

Ken Lamberton / author of Chasing Arizona



Spirits of Jerome – Availability

Right now I have pending deals trying to get Spirits of Jerome into as many brick and mortar stores as possible.  The book is also available online in various ways, but the two best are through my own store, here at Keep The Greasy Side Down, or through Amazon.

Books purchased through this site, will come to you from yours truly, and those books will be signed… if purchased after November.  { Otherwise…. folks… you need to get to an event! }


The book is also available at Amazon.  I would also please ask… once you read Spirits of Jerome…. PLEASE take the time to review it and post that review on Amazon and GoodReads.


Thank you…. and

Keep the Greasy Side Down !




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