Kody Dayish Cast to Co-Star with Adam Beach in Upcoming Film: Desert

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Catching Up With Kody Dayish Productions

The life of an artist comes in bursts at times.  Projects can be all encompassing, and then the drought between gigs can be filled with downtime.  This does not seem to be much of an issue for Kody, Kolette, and Kolin Dayish who seem to have more than enough ways to not only keep themselves busy and productive, but to inspire us as well.

“Life is to be lived!  Get busy doing something that will make a difference!  Something that will last!  Something that will help another soul!  The Dayish trio puts leading by example at the heart of their business model.”



When last we touched base with Kody, in my feature article A Quest of Vision, we were discussing the feature film The Red Hogaan, its journey to fruition, and its plans for the future.  At the time of this posting, the film is still being evaluated for inclusion in several film festivals.  Believe me, the wait is arduous on the the artist as well!  Kody promises that when there is news on the film to be made public, Keep the Greasy Side Down will be the first to know!

In the meantime – what this man does to fill his days is inspiring in and of itself!

Kody Dayish – Actor Extraordinaire


Cast in a co-starring role with Adam Beach, Anna Mouglalis, and Vincent Bonillo, Kody will be joining the cast and crew of Desert, a 2018 feature film from director Frederic Choffat.  Filming is set for a week in the Flagstaff area in October.

Many other filmmakers are also actors.  Ben Affleck, Kenneth Branaugh, Ben Stiller, Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Ron Howard… just to name a few that come immediately to mind.  It is an important aspect of a filmmakers journey: first, to have an in-depth understanding of all sides of a production, but second, the contacts, connections, and networking possibilities are huge!  Especially for a filmmaker, like Kody, who has already achieved accolades with his own film projects.

Kody Dayish – Filmmaker of Social Conscious


In the last several months, Kody Dayish Production Team has been actively working on a series of films for the Navajo Nation to be used as public service announcements and for community outreach events.  The project is entitled Spared, and is is divided into three parts: Spared, Spared Part II: The Suffering, and the upcoming Spared Part III: This is Home.  The series focuses specifically on reservation problems, but they are also societal problems, specifically: bullying, domestic violence, and unlawful dumping.



Ever vigilante in pursuing his vision, Kody did not rest on his laurels with The Red Hogaan out in the world with high hopes.  He actively submitted his projects to other film festivals around the country.  The first to arrive this fall will be the Hibulb Film Festival in Tulalip, Washington.  Kody’s films The Beginning, Spared, and the music video Goodbye will all be screened at the festival.


As the Dayish siblings traveled around Arizona and New Mexico filming the trilogy, they not only found time to take their young stars to see Spider-Man: Homecoming, but they also offered several workshops and screening for interested youth in the various communities to learn about film making.  Kody always told me his passion was to inspire the youth to be more, achieve more, realize that they could truly be anything that they wanted to be.  He is doing all in his power to use his vision to achieve this goal.

Kody Dayish – Singer/ Songwriter – Our Last Chants


As a side project, Kody, Kolin, and the lovely Miss Navajo Nation Alex Holiday, make up the Folk/Native Band, Our Last Chants.  With their debut album, East, on the way, the band/ and Production Crew will be performing gigs and offering film-making workshops throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California as they head north to screen their films.


This crew of folks from the Navajo Nation are an inspiration to the Dine, to the youth, and to all of us as what is possible in a world where often times… dreams seem to fade.

If you are interested in booking Kody Dayish Productions or Our Last Chants please follow the link below for details:


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