Why Ghost Writer?




It seems like this is among the first questions that I am asked about the naming of my Independent Press.  This is funny in itself because it’s not alike any of us authors have printing machines hidden in our basements.  We send our files off in a digital format to a place that makes the Print Magic Real, but in the world of the Interwebs, having a “press” is just a simple way of authenticating one’s endeavor.

So – why Ghost Rider?

The answer is several fold.  First, this is Ghost.  She’s my only ride.  Nuff said.


Secondly, I love the band Rush.  The song, Ghostrider, which hopefully you immediately started playing once you realized it was linked to this blog (even though it is a completely 90s kinda thing to do), is one of my favorites of all time.  Additionally, Neil Peart’s book of the same name is also a profoundly good read.

Third, I love comics.  Ghost Rider seemed liked a way to nail all of my interests into one motif….. so it stuck.


So – What is This Site For?

Keep The Greasy Side Down is a fairly common phrase, but the first time I heard it was from my grandfather Norman “Papa” Clark.  Papa was never too keen on my being a Rider, but his farewell message to me each time I headed out was “keep the greasy side down.”  Additionally, I love the metaphorical possibilities of thinking of my rides and travels as ways to keep life in perspective, overall.

For me, Ghost is therapy.  Riding a motorcycle clears my head, allows me to bring things into focus, and restores my soul.  When it doesn’t, a twist of the throttle makes it more likely.  “Keeping the Greasy Side Down” is all about making sure you are safe on a bike, but it can also be a metaphor.  Being sure to not allow the negative awful occurrences that overtake us in our life, finding pathways (both mental/ spiritual and physical) to keep our shiny parts up is an important meditative process for everyone.  I find it easiest to do when on a twisting canyon road and the hammering pistons are propelling me into the future.

The “Home Page” or Blog Portion of this website will have two primary functions.  The first is that it be the home of a new article every month or two that showcases the travels and journey of a life seen between the handlebars (to use a phrase coined by my younger brother Dan).  Many of my travels revolve around research trips for one of my next writing projects.  I think it would be totally keen for this blog to explore the creative and spiritual journey of the creative process.  The second use of the blog is a function of Ghost Rider Radio, check for details here!

Folks, WELCOME !  Please stay posted.  Feel free to use the tool at the bottom of this page to sign up to follow this Blog!  All the cool kids are gonna be doin’ it!  Things are getting ready to pop, but for now …

I am just happy to be back on the digital highway.

Keep it Scary!


Ghost Writer

Arizona Enthusiast. Writer. Rider. Dreamer.

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  • Hey Folks…. open dialog: I am in the research phase of my first article, and I am running into some issues with broaching topics of superstition and myth with the Native American community. I am absolutely concerned with being as respectful and reverent to the culture in my work; furthermore, I am hoping my work will PROMOTE the sanctity of Native American myth… not desecrate it. Any body reading or following the blog…. I am very curious about perspectives on this topic. Feel free to post away.

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