Ghost Writer Radio is the Spotify playlist that I continually update with all of the local Arizona music that I can find. I use this to stream and discover bands.

From within Ghost Writer Radio, there are the following links.

Church of Rock: A weekly 5 song playlist of what I am listening to, working on, or currently vibing on. Posts to social media accounts on Sundays. Here is the current sermon.

YouTube Channel. Ghost Writer TV is a collection of videos I am working on, but mostly populated with live bootleg footage from local shows. Periodically, I also pay homage to the old MTv show with 120 Hot Minutes, which are collections of Arizona Music Videos. Check out the latest!

ManInfest Destiny Soundtrack. The novella ManInfest Destiny is a rock opera. Originally it was supposed to be the first, and only, album from a local band called The Attempt. Well. The Attempt fell apart. The local Phoenix band Tapestrees stepped in and completed the three missing songs. Each song is tied to a Chapter of the accompanying book, ManInfest Destiny, which tells the narrative of the the concept album. This link takes you to the musical side of this literary experience.

Ghost Songs Soundtrack. Ghost Songs is a book inspired by local music. Each story is dedicated to one song from a local artist. Imagine one day, a supernatural series of these stories…. the songs are the soundtrack, not the plot.

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