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My friends. Something is happening. You can feel it; something bubbling up. Seething to get out. And people are starting to notice. Phoenix New Times, with new Arts & Entertainment Editor Jason Kiel is taking Local to new heights. Dani Cutler’s Local Weekly Cololum is a go to staple of keeping up with a VERY BUSY SCENE. Both this and several other blogs, such as YABYUM, are doing very well, and seeing growth. Even radio stations in Ohio, are taking notice that #JustLocal is a trap. Strange things are afoot, my friends….. I cannot wait to ride this wave with you!

So here is 120 Hot Minutes 2 Featuring: The Bellwethers Break the Robot The Breakup Society Charles Ellsworth Citrus Clouds Comptalo Cori Rios Divided Minds Gabe Kubanda Gin Blossoms The Haymarket Squares The Hourglass Cats IAMWE The Love Me Nots The Main Moons, Birds & Monsters MRCH Pistoleros Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Promise to Myself The Psychedelephants Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers Scattered Melodies Sectas The Sidewinders Soft Deadlines and Wyves

120 Hot Minutes 2


I remember MTV. When video killed the radio star, we were all lined up, racing home from the bus stop to watch that amazing new network that bridged the gap between auditory and visual entertainment. Music videos used to be big business, before they realized people by the millions would tune in to cheap reality TV made on shoe string budgets… then Music Television, stopped being about music.

VH1 hung in there for longer, with great music shows like Storytellers and Classic, and MTV tried again with MTV2, but eventually, the realm of the music video became YouTube, and the goal was not to land on a show like the once amazing “120 Minutes” but to get as many subscribers and views as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot to be said for the power of a well made music video, it is just that now, you need to seek it out, follow your favorite bands, and they will let you know when a new one comes out. There is also a lot of potential in landing your music video in stores that showcase them, like Journey’s, which the local band New Chums has done – twice.

But, wouldn’t it be cool to have a place, where discovery was a show, 2 hours of pure discovery, where you are seeing something that you never even knew existed for the very first time. Never fear: I got you.

Ghost Writer Radio is a new side project of mine. It started as a Spotify Playlist, just really for myself so that I could discover Arizona music, and then get to the shows of the folks that were grabbing my attention. As this website has evolved, I have tried to kinda of distribute “programming” to my various social media outlets, so as to show a reason for this compartmentalization. The first evolution of Ghost Writer Radio was Church of Rock, a five song playlist of Arizona music currently in my rotation that gets released on Sundays. 120 Hot Minutes is my next step….

For now, it is a collection of Arizona Music Videos that you should definitely check out. Here is the criteria for this first edition. I only chose Official Music Videos. No bootlegs, no live camera phone footage, no lyric videos. So, there are a lot of great bands that I love…. but if you did not have an Official Music Video, you did not make this particular cut.

The fact that I can make this quality of an Official Music Video edition, of ONLY ARIZONA INDEPENDENT MUSIC should tell you something. Videos are presented in alphabetical order.

120 Hot Minutes of Arizona Sizzle

The entire 120 Hot Minutes: Volume I, in order, can be streamed from my YouTube Channel as well. Follow this link.

Authority Zero
Banana Gun
Black Bottom Lighters
Break the Robot
Crowning Thieves
Dead Hot Workshop
Doll Skin
Dry River Yacht Club
Elvis Before Noon
El West
Empire of Dezire
Fairy Bones
Ghetto Cowgirl
Harper and the Moths
I Don’t Konform
Jane n the Jungle
Japhy’s Descent
Jared & the Mill
Jimmie Eat World
Killa Maus
New Chums
Paper Foxes
Ryan David Orr
Sydney Sprague
The Black Moods

Keep the Greasy Side Down my Friends.

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